“As we know it”

The 2020 Hygienic Artist in Residence Exhibit.

Casey Spec √ fine
Ryan Whiston √ fine
Bess Gaby √ fine
Troy Zaushny √ fine
Joseph Rivera √ fine

As We Know It. Hygienic Artist Residents.
Opening Reception: Saturday, Aug 8th from 6:30 – 9pm
Hygienic Arts, 79 Bank Street, New London, CT 06320
Cash bar and BYOF from local restaurants and dine in!
Outside reception with artists, small groups allowed inside gallery
(According to state mandated guidelines. Personal protection advised)


Hygienic Resident Artists present HEAVYMEADOW

Opening Fri September 28th 7-10p

show runs through October 20th

at Hygienic Galleries, 79 Bank St. New London CT, 06320 | 860.443.8001


The Offerings B

Troy Zaushny, The Offerings, time-lapse from Mattias Lundblad on Vimeo.

“The Offerings B” 2017
finger prints and rubber stamps
Oil on hemp linen. 6′ x 12′

My new work the “Offerings B” premiers at Hygienic Arts in my solo show “modal realism”  9/15/17-10/14/17
The collage of original photos are “developed”  digitally, using a computer and a lot of finger digits. Here’s a detail:


Modal Realism

Modal Realism: Featuring works by Hygienic Resident Artist Troy Zaushny

at HYGIENIC ARTS, 79 Bank St. New London, CT

“Modal realism is the view propounded by David Kellogg Lewis that all possible worlds are as real as the actual world. It is based on the following tenets: possible worlds exist; possible worlds are not different in kind from the actual world; possible worlds are irreducible entities; the term actual in actual world is indexical, i.e. any subject can declare their world to be the actual one, much as they label the place they are “here” and the time they are “now”…”   
– From wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modal_realism

In this exhibit, I explore this concept and the nature of reality in a new body of work. I also propose the term “Modal Realism” as an artistic form or “ism” such as surrealism or impressionism, where the significance of the process or mode in which a work is created is equal to its subject and outcome.

“Let’s Dance” 2017
Oil on canvas, 54″ x 84″

Wax cut monoprints

Video by Mattias Lundblad.

Troy Zaushny, Wax Cut Monoprints from Mattias Lundblad on Vimeo.

I use a wax block (wax-cut) instead of more traditional materials like wood or linoleum in a typical relief printing method – where the surface of the block is cut and that which remains is inked and printed. I usually create a small series of monoprints rather than an edition. This means that each of my prints are unique, although they come from the same block. I often use my ink rollers like brushes, applying many colors to the surface of the plate creating shades and textures that cannot be replicated.

I am fascinated by the reductive process because of how the original block is consumed as the final artwork starts to emerge. It is a trans-formative event that to me, is symbolic of the destruction that occurs to an idea or vision when it is manifest into this world. While I celebrated this metamorphosis, I was always mournful of the waste products, the oily rags, piles of wood or linoleum shavings, and spent blocks that arrived with the artwork. I think it was for this reason that I started working with wax. I’ve been collecting my wax from used candles for about 15 years, adding harder waxes and purifying it along the way. I pour my own blocks using a mold of wood boards, clay, and a tabletop. After printing a series, I can scrape down the block and use it again, up to 4 times before melting it down with the shavings to pour another.

The quickening
“The Quickening (Natural Reflection #3)”
Wax-cut reductive monoprint / oil on muslin 30″ x 40″


TROY ZAUSHNY is a printmaker, painter, and muralist from New London, Ct. His work is a contemplation of the natural world, consciousness, and spiritual identity as they are being transformed by science and technology. Though incorporating imagery from popular culture, observation, and dreams, his rich colorful visions also explore the influences of faith and fantasy on our evolution.

In 2016 Troy was invited by ‘Ethiopia Reads’ to be a part of “Ethiopian Odyssey II”, a painting tour of Maji, Ethiopia; and to participate in a creating a series of children’s books which would be translated into Amharic, English, and most importantly, native tribal languages.“Ready Set Go” books are now in full production and being distributed throughout the country.

Upon his return home, Troy guided a group of New London area High School students through the entire process of creating a collaborative public artwork in the New London Police Headquarters.

His project,“The Art of Community Protection and Service” was made possible by a 2016 Public Art Community Project Grant from the Connecticut Office of the Arts.

Following the mural project, Troy was invited by the Griffis Foundation and the Orpheus Foundation to a residency in Polkovnik Serafimovo, Bulgaria, followed by an exhibition in its capital city of Sofia.
In 2017, Troy received a fellowship from the Hemera Foundation to study Dharma Art and Meditation by attending a month long Arts Dathun in Vermont.

Troy’s recent experiences culminated in a solo exhibit at Hygienic Arts in late 2017 entitled “Modal Realisms”. The show involved themes of alternate reality and perspectives, and included examples of process-driven representational artworks from the past 10 years of his career.



2001 : : BFA, Drawing. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN.

1990 : : Printmaking. University of Connecticut. Storrs, CT.



2016 : : Recipient, Public Art Community Grant, Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) – Office of the Arts

2016 : : Recipient, Assets for Artists matched savings grant and workshops, Mass MoCA.

2013 : : Semifinalist, Gloucester Harborwalk Public Art Challenge, Gloucester MA Committee for the Arts (CFTA)

2012 : : Finalist, New London Mural Walk, funded by the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) City Canvas initiative

2010 : : First Place Award, 5th Crossing Annual Juried Exhibition, Hygienic Galleries, New London, CT (Juror: Sharon L. Butler)

2007 : : Third Place Award, 51st Regional Show , Mystic Arts Center, Mystic, CT (Juror: Todd Bartell)

2004 : : Recipient, Research and Development Grant, Forecast Public Art. Saint Paul, MN (with support from the Jerome Foundation)



2016 : : Troy Zaushny and Michael McNabney, Seasons Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

2014 : : New works by Troy Zaushny, Pratt-Wright Gallery, Noank, CT

2008 : : More Work – Nature based prints and paintings by Troy Zaushny and Michael McNabney, Pacific Street Art Gallery, New London, CT

2007 : : Plastic Apocalypse, Muse Gallery, New London, CT

2003 : : Large works and installations by Troy Zaushny, Private Art Space. Roseville, MN

1998 : : Light Blue Infinity, Public art, Chalk line drawing, (approx 30 miles) surrounding Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN



2016 : : Ethiopian Odyssey II exhibit, Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library, Denver CO.

2015 : : Space, Not Even Close to Infinite, Hygienic Art Galleries, New London CT (Kim Abraham, Troy Zaushny, Adam Campos, Rich Martin, Roger Tremblay)

Pillow Talk, Hygienic Artists In Residence Exhibition, Hygienic Art Galleries, New London CT

2014 : : The Quickening – Tales of Impending Transformations, Hygienic Art Galleries, New London CT (Troy Zaushny, Brad Guarino, John O’Donnell, Blake Shirley)

Salón de Codependientes, Hygienic Artists In Residence Exhibition, Expressiones Cultural Center, New London, CT

2013 : : Intention and Creativity: The Semi Finalist Group Exhibit, Matz Gallery, Gloucester Lyceum & Sawyer Free Library, Gloucester MA

2012 : : Neighbors – Dirty Laundry, Hygienic Artists In Residence Exhibition, Hygienic Art Galleries, New London CT

2011 : : Common Ground – Six Artists Interpret New London. Hygienic Art Galleries, New London CT (Curated by Michael Peery)

Effable, Hygienic Art Galleries, New London CT, (Kim Abraham, Troy Zaushny, and Adam Campos)

Migration, Hygienic Artists In Residence Exhibition, The Pigeon Hole Gallery, New London, CT

2010 : : 67th Annual Connecticut Artists Juried Exhibition, The Slater Memorial Museum, Norwich, CT

5th Crossing Annual Juried Exhibition, First Place Award, Hygienic Art Galleries, New London, CT, (Juror: Sharon L. Butler)

Greetings, Hygienic Artists In Residence Exhibition, Hygienic Art Galleries, New London CT

2009 : : The Dawn of Understanding, Pacific Street Art Gallery, New London, CT

66th Annual Connecticut Artists Juried Exhibition, The Slater Memorial Museum, Norwich, CT

White Noise, Hygienic Artists In Residence Exhibition, Hygienic Art Galleries, New London CT

2008 : : Universal Memory, Visionary art from Troy Zaushny, Boris Jirku, and Katia Jirankova Levanti, Hygienic Art Galleries, New London, CT

New London marks the spot, Golden Street Gallery, New London, CT

2007 : : 51st Regional Show, Third Place Award, Mystic Arts Center, Mystic, CT, (Juror: Todd Bartell)

2003 : : PERFORMANCE, Music on the Moon, Improvisational video projection,

The Theatre Jeune Lune, Minneapolis, MN, (with Regional Ensemble)

2002 : : Five Minutes of Fame, A show of video artists, The Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN

THEATER, God’s in His Tower, Production design, Jarvismundi Productions, Cedar-Riverside People’s Center, Minneapolis, MN

2001 : : PERFORMANCE, Strange Attractors Festival, Nobles Experimental Art Center, St. Paul, MN

2000 : : University of Minnesota BFA Exhibit, Katherine E. Nash Gallery, Minneapolis, MN



2016 : : Public Art Commission, The Art of Community Protection and Service, mural, acrylic, New London Police Headquarters lobby, 5 Governor Winthrop Blvd. New London, CT. (funded by the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) Office of the Arts – 2016 Public Art Community Grant, The City of New London, and Hygienic Arts inc.)

2014 : : Public Art Commission, The Hygienic Ladies, mural reproduction (28 x 49 ft), acrylic on exterior stucco wall, Hygienic Art Galleries Inc., 79 Bank St. New London, CT. (funded in part by the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) Office of the Arts) (with Michael McNabney)

2012 : : Public Art Commission, The Hard Hat Painters, mural (20 x 75 ft) acrylic on exterior texture- painted brick, 35 Golden Street, New London, CT. (funded by the Connecticut DECD City Canvas Initiative) (with Michael McNabney)

2004 : : Public Art Commission, Natural Reflection, carved and painted picnic table (40 x 60 in), Westwood Hills Nature Center, St. Louis Park, MN, Forecast Public Art. Saint Paul, MN(with support from the Jerome Foundation)




2016 : : Residency, Griffis Foundation/Orpheus Foundation Residency, Polkovnik Serafimovo, Bulgaria

2016 : : Residency, Ethiopian Odyssey II – Maji and Southern Nations painting tour, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

2012 : : Residency, Ethiopia Reads Artist Residency pilot program, Alle School of Art and Design, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

2008- : : Residency, Hygienic Art Cooperative, New London, CT



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