TROY ZAUSHNY is a printmaker, painter, and muralist from New London, Ct. His work is a contemplation of the natural world, consciousness, and spiritual identity as they are being transformed by science and technology. Though incorporating imagery from popular culture, observation, and dreams, his rich colorful visions also explore the influences of faith and fantasy on our evolution.

In 2016 Troy was invited by ‘Ethiopia Reads’ to be a part of “Ethiopian Odyssey II”, a painting tour of Maji, Ethiopia; and to participate in a creating a series of children’s books which would be translated into Amharic, English, and most importantly, native tribal languages.“Ready Set Go” books are now in full production and being distributed throughout the country.

Upon his return home, Troy guided a group of New London area High School students through the entire process of creating a collaborative public artwork in the New London Police Headquarters.

His project,“The Art of Community Protection and Service” was made possible by a 2016 Public Art Community Project Grant from the Connecticut Office of the Arts.

Following the mural project, Troy was invited by the Griffis Foundation and the Orpheus Foundation to a residency in Polkovnik Serafimovo, Bulgaria, followed by an exhibition in its capital city of Sofia.
In 2017, Troy received a fellowship from the Hemera Foundation to study Dharma Art and Meditation by attending a month long Arts Dathun in Vermont.

Troy’s recent experiences culminated in a solo exhibit at Hygienic Arts in late 2017 entitled “Modal Realisms”. The show involved themes of alternate reality and perspectives, and included examples of process-driven representational artworks from the past 10 years of his career.